Dutch Hollow's Charismatic, WCX, MH, CD, RE, (ptd)  
(BISS CH Touchstone August Reign at Dutch Hollow, RN, CD, JH, WC x Dutch Hollow Storm Cat, CD, AWC, SH, VPM)
OFA Excellent, PennHIP Score .32/hip, Elbows Normal, Eyes Cleared, Whelped 3/08/03

"Carrie" is a very versatile girl with lots of drive in the field and plenty of animation in the breed ring. She ended her show career with 13 singles due to a C-section/spay She has multiple Specialty class wins and placements, including RWB under Mrs. Satterwaite at the 2004 LRC National as a young girl. Now showing in the Veteran Class, she has won Best Veteran and Select Bitch at the Hoosier Labrador Retriever Club Specialty in 2012,  she won her Veterans class at the LRC National 2012 and won an Award of Merit at the LRC National in the Best of Breed ring among 33 champions at the ripe old age of 9.   She loves to work and shows her soundness earning two LRC Dog for All Reasons Awards and two Up to The Challenge Awards in 2012 and 2013.  This Augie x Kitty daughter is my dream girl. LOVE HER."                            Photo by Kristin Stefek


CT Dutch Hollow's True Blue, CC, AWC, SH 
(CH Surrey Ducktales Masquerade, JH, WC x Dutch Hollow's Cure the Blues, JH) Eyes Cleared Annually; Whelped 4/3/06; EIC, CNM & D-Locus Clear, Optigen: PRA Normal & Clear, PennHip Scores .23/hip; OFA Hips: Excellent, Elbows: Normal

"Trudy" is a sweet lapdog who loves to retrieve, track and go running with her family.  She earned her TD in her first tracking test at 13 months, then her TDX at her first TDX test before she was 2 and her JH 5 months later in 4 straight tests. Trudy has been an exceptional mother delivering all her litters on her own and taking wonderful care of each large litter.  After retiring from motherhood, we went back to work, finishing her Senior Hunter title and then her Vst and CT in only three tries.  She is now truly retired unless helping with dishes and other girl's puppies count.  Its been a great journey with this hard working girl. 


SylviawebDutch Hollow's Silver Lining, AWC, MH, TDX, CC 
(CH Gateway's Paint the Town x Dutch Hollow Storm Cat, CD, SH, AWC, VPM) Eyes Cleared; Hip & Elbow Prelims Normal, Spayed. Whelped 8/3/06

"Sylvia" is a pistol always into something, but dirty laundry is her favorite. When not busy with laundry, she is eager to work on anything outdoors. She loves to retrieve and continues to play in the field until the weather cools for better tracking conditions.  She loves articles so tracking to find them is great fun.  She will resume her quest for a CT with VST work during the fall and winter.  Busy, Busy, Busy, keeps her very happy."   Photo by Nancy Bass


EmmywebDutch Hollow's Whistling Dixie, AWC, MH, CC
(CH Dutch Hollow's Tip Top, CD, TD, AWC, SH x Don's Dixie Darlin III, MH) PennHIP Score .32/.36, EIC & CNM Clear, OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Cleared. Spayed. Whelped 12/27/07

"Emmy " is a field/show cross who I have enjoyed training and campaigning.  Unfortunately she has sustained an injury which forces me to retire her.  She is very sweet, loves my grandson and plays with him endlessly.   She began her field work as a baby and finished her JH at the ripe old age of 10 months. She is an excellent marker who takes a great line to her birds naturally, making herself a joy to watch and work. Emmy finished her Senior Hunter in May 2011 and her Master title in August 2012.  Retired following an injury; sure miss her in the field.  She is working on a tracking career and has begun official nosework both of which she enjoys.    


CarleysmGCH CH Dutch Hollow's Simply Charming, TDX, WC, SH, RA, VPM
(BISS CH Ghostone Boomtown, JH x Dutch Hollow's Charismatic, MH, WCX, CD), OFA Good, Elbows Normal, PennHIP .32/hip, Eyes Cleared Annually, Echocardiogram Normal, EIC Carrier, HNPK, CNM & D-Locus Clear. Whelped 10/10/10.

Carly has done well in the show ring with multiple placements at specialties including Winners Bitch under Laura Dedering at the Badger Labrador Retriever Club specialty March 2014.  She earned her second major to finish under Pluis Davern going BOB over specials from the classes.   She finished her Grand Champion title under breeder Diane McClurg earning points from occasional visits to the show ring, but spends most of her time in the field, either retrieving or tracking.  She is currently working on Master Hunter concepts and has one Master Hunter pass.  She will return to the field after rearing her last litter of puppies.  She is extremely proud of two young daughters, Cora and Kellie, born in 2014, who have already met basic requirements to put Momma on the honored list of Versatile Producers of Merit from the national Labrador Retriever Club.  Thank you Jane Haynes for all the good work you do with Cora to help make this Special Award possible.                      


DutchHollowKellie18webDutch Hollow's Simply Because, WC, CC, TD, JH, RN  (ptd)
(MBISS GCH CH Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble, WC x GCH CH Dutch Hollow's Simply Charming, WC, RA, TDX, SH, VPM) PennHIP Score .39 each hip, PRA, HNPK, CNM & D-Locus Clear. EIC & Long Coated Gene Carrier. OFA Good, Elbows Normal
, Eyes Cleared Annually. Whelped 9/21/14.

"Kellie " is a fun loving, silly girl who doesn't seem to take life very seriously.  However, she is a smart active girl who loves to work.  She finished her Junior Hunter title easily, marking well and running stylishly to her birds.  She also tracks enthusiastically, passing her first test in January 2015.  Kellie has matured nicely and now needs a Major to finish her Championship.  She is currently working on advanced field and tracking titles, making me laugh along the way.  

Tootsieweb2Dutch Hollow's Slick As A Whistle, WC, JH, TD 
(U-CH Dutch Hollow's City Slicker,  TD, AWC, RA, AWC, JH <major ptd> x CT Dutch Hollow's True Blue, CC, SH, AWC) EIC, HNPK, PRA, CNM & D-Locus Clear, Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal; Eyes Cleared Annually. Whelped 3/19/2015.

"Tootsie" is a serious little worker.  She loves to retrieve and marks very well earning her Junior Hunter title spring 2016. This summer she began training for Senior Hunt tests and is progressing nicely.  She tracks when the weather is cool and loves it.  She ran her TD track with great enthusaism and focus and now ready for her TDX just needs some luck to get into a test.  Tootsie is an affectionate girl who enjoys beating up borther Duncan better than anything else.                   Pedigree

JoywebRansom's Perpetual Joy, JH 
(Ransom's Rebel Rouser By Han, MH x Ransom's What a Breeze); Hip & Elbow Prelims Normal. EIC, CNM, HNPK & D-Locus Clear; PRA Carrier. Whelped 1/6/2016.

"Joy is an exciting young girl with a nice show/performance pedigree.  She is here at Dutch Hollow to earn some working titles before she returns to South Carolina.  She is a dynamite retriever earning her Junior Hunter title easily and with a lot of flash.  Onto Senior and more tracking in cool weather.  


HazelwebDutch Hollow's RFC Witch Hazel, TD, JH
(U-CH HRCH Brownwaterdogs RFC Raising Cain, MH, CGC x RFC's Tell It Like It Is, CGC, SH) Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal. Eye Exam Normal, HNPK, PRA & D-Locus Clear; CNM & EIC Clear by Parentage. Whelped 7/24/16

"Hazel" is a promising puppy added to our breeding program to add field ability.  At 9 weeks she was retrieving full grown mallards in water and delivering to hand.  She earned her Junior Hunter title in four straight tests earning her title at 9 months and has begun running Senior level tests passing one test to date.  Prior to the hunt test season, Hazel began her tracking career by finishing her TD in March at 7 months.  Hazel is a very versatile girl who loves to work and will be spending lots of time in the tracking or hunting fields.  So much to do with this special talented young girl.